We are a fitness consultant based in Erode. We work towards promoting health and fitness through proper nutrition and exercise, thereby inducing a healthier lifestyle. We, look at scientific based training and nutrition approach and make sure our knowledge and practice meets today’s research and studies.

We persevere to fulfil our client’s goal, desire and satisfaction. We have been handling players of various sports across Tamil Nadu and clients(online), all over the world. We conduct seminars, presentations and consultation in schools and colleges. We are obsessed with human performance!

With proven research and our relentless pursuit of the best training and nutrition methods, we combine programs that are designed to unlock the potential in every athlete that walks into our doors. We base all our training on years of research and scientific data that has proven to create Elite Level Athletes.

Fitness Coaching

We’re available 24*7 for guiding you and clarifying whatever doubts you may have! We are an inseparable part of your fitness transformation!

Diet Plan

We offer online diet plan tailored right for you to ensure you never miss a meal!


Each body is different, and each mind is unique! We ensure that we provide workouts that your body can deal with, and not the routine grind of exercises!

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