Kiran Prasath

I was a very active kid in school who took football for the love of running and goal celebrations. In later years, I started to play cricket, which became a turning point in my sport career. I went on to represent Tamil nadu cricket team in under -15,19, 22 categories and playing TNCA league for the past 13 years. I was a skinny kid, not enough built. I tried to get stronger and improve muscle with the limited knowledge I had. Since I couldn’t, I approached a professional for help. But that was not affordable.

I decided to become a professional myself. I completed my Post graduation diploma in Fitness and Nutrition and Bachelor of physical education. I thought I should give back to the society the knowledge I gained and the importance of it. There came my brother who said, let’s start one. That’s where the idea of K2-BOX FITNESS & NUTRITION SOLUTIONS was born. We wanted to help all professional athletes to achieve their dream and enhance their peak performance through proper nutrition and training, most importantly at affordable rates.

Our range of vision got broadened. We believed that, there is a need to bring in healthy lifestyle changes in people to live happily without any chronic disease. Hence, we bought various programs to help and cater our service to everyone. We believe “Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen and together we have a Kingdom “.

Selvam Kumarasamy

I am a hard core fan of Sachin Tendulkar since my childhood. As a kid, I started playing cricket just by watching him play. In those days, just the desire to play cricket well and score more runs in matches motivated me to exercise and keep my body fit. Well. This is how, my fitness journey started. I continued to exercise during my college days, only to feel energetic and be active. Just so I can study my subjects without feeling tired or lethargic throughout the day. In this fashion, exercises have been a part of my life since my childhood and will always be. When my friend Kiran Prasath asked me to join him in his gym business as a partner, initially, I joined him just to support him as a friend. But then being amazed by knowing the science, the techniques and the methods behind building one’s fitness and also the possibility of touching people’s lives and bringing about a healthy positive change in them made me aspire to become a personal trainer. And here I am, as a trainer before you. In this journey, I am determined to constantly improve my skills in exercise science and touch as many people’s lives as possible and help them lead a healthy life.

Kavin Prasath

Fitness was never my cup of coffee. I was a chubby kid who always wanted to watch cartoon & play chess. But however I got better at chess and bagged many district & few state titles in the chess game. I was introduced to cricket by my brother and I learnt from there that fitness is am important aspect of a human and from there its a never turning back.

I started doing modelling once am done with college days and it motivates me to be in shape all day throughout the year. It was during this time all of a sudden I realised I wanted to try out to be a gymnast after watching –
“Undisputed – Scott Adkins movie ( I know we all do have crazy dreams right ) However I wanted to learn from the best in the city and the concern person was far ( 60kms) from the place I stayed so I have asked him to provide me the schedule over online and I will pay month on month accordingly as per the charges.But he denied… He was like – ” Bro you cannot train over online, you need to visit our facility” .

So you know that was the Eureka moment for me and decided to provide Sports based training & nutrition through K2BOX.